Close your eyePicnik collages my dear little ones, and let the dreaming fairy’s whisk you away to a magical land.

A land where you’ll float on a fluffy white cloud and beautifully colored singing birds will drop brightly colored candies into your open hands.

And as quickly as you landed on that cloud in that land, you’ll be carried away to a new place just as fantastical.

Maybe now you’re a pirate caught up in a heated sword fight where you always win. Or maybe you’re a super hero flying through the sky saving everyone from their uncertain fate. No matter the details, the truth will remain that most of the time you’ll be the hero and you’ll enjoy your dreams.

But, my darlings, should your dreams take a turn for the frightening, please don’t fret… always remember that as soon as you were dropped into that scary dream you’ll be hurried off into a new one very soon… a new place, a new land and a new time. And should it scare you so much that you awake, my arms are always waiting for you to fill them with your fear.

Sweet ones, embrace your nightly fairy tales and always enjoy the time where your imagination makes its own reality in your dreams.

I still do.

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