It’s Time.

About three weeks ago I got sick. Severely sick to my stomach. So much so that I ended up in the ER. They were suspicious about my gallbladder, but because it didn’t show stones, they just released me with an unknown stomach ache.

I was painfully sick for about a full week and a half. Much research later, I was pretty convinced it really was my gallbladder. I did more research on how to help my gallbladder heal. I changed up my diet, quit pop cold turkey, no more fast food, and only ate out once in three weeks. I started walking and just overall treating my body better.

The pain went away. The extreme bloating and nausea went away. All of the alarming symptoms left. Now, can I say without a doubt that it was my gallbladder? No. But, whatever it was, I’m better now. And I’m on my way to a healthier life.

Today was a lovely day for a walk in my neighborhood. Nothing strenuous, just a nice walk to get the blood pumping, and muscles moving.

I’m approaching 40 and it’s long past due that I start treating my body better.

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