I’ve Been Tagged

This is the What’s In A Name? Meme started by Two Moms In A Blog.

Aurelia, my good friend, tagged me today. Yiiipie, I wanted to play a game today :-) This MEME is “what’s in a name”…her name is so beautiful by the way!

So, here are my factoids.

Nell means: I guess nothing. The website I went to doesn’t show a meaning anyways. lol How’s that for a “you dont matter”. ;) Just kidding. Nell is a variation of Janelle so I guess Nell means “God is Gracious, too.

Origin: English

Janelle means: God is gracious (this IS my name. My nickname has been Nell since I was a wee little one. When I came online I thought my first name should be easier for people to say and spell since my last name isn’t so I began using Nell.)

Origin: English

If you have been tagged, copy and paste all of this – from the image to the end of the instructions – into a blog post. Then, change the information to match your name and tag three other bloggers. If you don’t know what your name means, you can try looking it up on Baby’s Name World.

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