I don’t know about you, but whenever I apply nail polish to my nails it never lasts for more than two days at most before it starts chipping. Doesn’t matter what kind of polish I use, none of it lasts long. I would have just given up on it if not for my love of all things pretty, sparkly, bright, bold, and even neutral nails. I don’t know if I’m just harder on my nails than most but I tell you what, the stuff just doesn’t last.

A friend of mine sells something called Jamberry nails – they are nail wraps – and y’all, they are so cool. This is my first impression blog post so I can’t say yet if they last longer than nail polish, but I’m telling ya already, I am really hopeful they will last longer than nail polish. Rachel, my friend who sells them, you can find her here, and here, she sent me a couple samples, which you’ll see in the picture below.


The samples came with a cuticle pusher and simple instructions. I literally got both hands done in about 30 minutes and I’m sure I’ll be quicker once I get the hang of it better. I took the nail polish off I had on, cleaned them up with alcohol wipes, fit each one to my nail, cut the wrap in half, warmed it with my hair dryer, fit it onto my nail, pushing down to get a good seal. I then trimmed and filed the excess off, heated them back up with the hair dryer, pressed down again, and bingo bango, a pretty mani at home!

What I like:

The patterns and colors Jamberry offers. Click this link and check them all out. I could spend a lot of money there!

The process of putting them on was super easy.

They feel really snug on.

I don’t yet know for sure but am really betting on these lasting for at least 5 days or more.

What I’m not sure about:

I kind of wish they came pre-cut so I didn’t have to fit and then cut them myself. I get why they do this, and it does give you the opportunity for two manicures in each pack, but it would be easier if I could just plop them right on, have very minimal over-hang to file off, and on you go to the next one.

That’s it!







I’m going to do a complete review of the product in a week, complete with pictures, and more details of the product and company.

Do you wear Jamberry wraps? What’s your experience been?

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