I used a handful of romaine leaves, one banana, and a handful of strawberries for my green smoothie today. I also tried juicing for the first time. I really want to include carrots in my daily intake of vegetables but wanted an easier way than eating them raw. I tried straight carrot juice, and at this time, my taste buds just couldn’t get in line with my desire to do that. So I juiced carrots with an apple and boy-oh-boy was that just amazing! The kids even sucked it down like it was liquid candy. My goal is to juice less apple and more carrot as the time goes on, with the end goal of only juicing carrots. Not that there is anything wrong with apples, but I’m getting my fruit with my green smoothies right now. I don’t want to overload on sugar. It’s good sugar but its still sugar. I also ordered some flax seed to go in my green smoothies and am going to try soaking my raw almonds.

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