[I]t’s 10:45pm Friday evening. Tomorrow is the first of February. We’re expecting bad weather in the morning. There’s been so many accidents on the roads tonight from the freezing rain and snow. I’ve got the water dripping in the hall bathroom to keep our pipes from freezing.

Nicky just brought out one of his guinea pigs, Izzy, laying her on my chest. It’s a nightly routine. I shut off Zane’s television, tuck him in, kiss his sleeping face. I go into Dash’s room and do the same. My heart skips a beat when checking on my sleeping babies. And then visit Nicky last. He is usually still awake, light on, tv on, iphone in hand. I take the phone, turn the lights off, turn the tv down, and kiss him goodnight. Not much later, he comes out to the living room with one of his pigs and giggles as I stroke its fur. We talk for a minute and then I usher him back to bed.

Tonight my husband and I watched 20/20 together, it was about guns and kids. Laying on the bed together, cozy and warm, we discussed the topic, agreeing with one another that guns will never be part of our home with children still under our roofs. The risk isn’t worth it for us. We also discussed how we’ll ask our children’s friend’s parent’s if they own guns when our kids start spending time over at their houses as they get older. It may sound extreme but we believe guns in reach of children is extreme – extremely dangerous. Locked up guns, that’s fine. Guns hanging out where kids can get them, not okay in our opinion.

I’m closing the day out chatting with my best friend, Claudia. We’re talking about how Dash, very matter of factly, stated to me that I am fat. I used it as a teaching moment that he has to be careful with what he says to people. That sometimes the things we are thinking shouldn’t be said. Even though it didn’t really bother me, as I am overweight, and he wasn’t being cruel, just stating a fact, I figured this would be a good time to teach him about being careful with words.

I looked at houses online tonight. Many many houses. I’m sososo excited about moving from Missouri to Texas this year. The houses are beautiful and even the houses within our price range are like dream homes! We have our eye on Little Elm Texas especially but could end up in Frisco or even Plano. As long as it’s a nice neighborhood, with good schools, and has four bedrooms, and a large kitchen, we’ll be happy wherever we go.

I think I’ll end my day with Golden Girls.


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