it was a pretty nice day here the other day. not too cold. not too windy. about the best i could ask for here lately.

because we’ve all caught the “trapped in the house for far too long” bug i decided to take the boys on a walk.

and then, on the walk, this happened…

as you can see, he had a battle with the road and the road clearly won. after the initial fright to us both, he insisted he wanted to continue on the walk (he fell with his bike) and we did end up enjoying ourselves.

but we got home and i remembered something. friday is picture day. at school. and look at him!

hopefully this is the only time he will wear makeup. unless he wants to be all punk rockish when he goes through the teen phase most everyone goes through. and then, well, i suppose that’ll be ok. i’m a pretty cool mom. as long as you don’t touch drugs, drink or speed … well, crazy funky hair and maybe some black punky eye liner wouldn’t kill me. maybe. okay, i don’t know. get back to me when he becomes a teen.

anyway, back to my point. here he is with makeup on. i had to do a trial run to be sure it would even work. and it did. and he didn’t object.

i might just get a sweet picture out of “picture day” tomorrow. he always gives good face. even with it all banged up. but now it won’t pain me to look at his picture and remember that awful moment in time.

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  1. Oh, with our without makeup it would turn out good. It will be a story to tell in years to come of the battle scar. I can remember when my son was proud to get stitches on his chin while roller blading thinking it was cool cause hockey players have a lot of scars. Boys will be Boys!

    Rhonda (Mimi)s last blog post..You Capture/Spring

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