Just One More Chapter Mom. One More. I Promise.

I heart books.

I’ve always enjoyed getting lost in a book and letting it take me to new worlds, new places or expanding my knowledge on a topic.

I remember being a young child and reading for hours and hours and hours. Riding along with my Mother and brother to the library many times per week and checking out book after book after book.

I read all the typical children books from Charlotte’s Web {made me cry} to Nancy Drew to the Baby Sitters Club series of books. I even had the entire collection of Little House On The Prairie books… I still have the entire set boxed up nicely in my room.

Then as I got older I began writing my own little short stories and full on novels.

Now I read mostly to gain knowledge on a topic. Right now I’m reading the Say No To Yeast ebook I printed out. I’ve read many books on this topic and am just bursting with knowledge in this area. I’m growing my knowledge on nutrition in general as well. I’ve read many books that deal with subjects relating to Christianity, austism {back when we were wrestling with my oldest sons delays that are no longer there!}, and the list goes on and on.

Even though that is my current preferred niche of reading, I still very much so enjoy getting lost in another world, another life, another journey with a good fiction book from time to time.

I’ve always had this deep love for reading.

And that’s why it caused my heart to beat out of my chest with excitement, joy and pride when my 5 year old read his very first book all by himself today. He’s been in school for – what – about 2 months now and is already reading on his own. Not only was I prideful for his accomplishment, I was mostly excited for this new journey he was taking in life.

His eyes light up when he reads. Light up, I tell you.

You can see he is excited by this huge accomplishment and he’s just so very thirsty for books now. He’s going to be spirited off to so many places, and enjoy new experiences from reading, that will excite him and grow his brain.

Soon I’ll be peeking in on him at night to see him wide eyed, book in hand, flash light in the other, reading whatever books little boys read nowadays. I’ll ask him to shut it off and go to bed and he’ll beg me for just one more chapter. Just one more chapter, Mom.

Nicky is so very much like me in many ways and I can already tell he’ll take up my thirst for reading, too.

What exciting times it is for me as a Mom! This is what makes me light up when someone asks me what it’s like being a Mom.

It’s great!

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  1. That is so exciting!! 🙂 Books are perhaps my favorite objects in this world – it’s always so nice to hear about others enjoying them so!
    .-= Corinne´s last blog ..Pangs =-.

  2. I can already tell my two year old will be a reader. He loves to just sit and stare at his books, studying the pictures. He points things out in them that I never noticed. It’s a great thing to see in your children and to know that you share something with them. What book did he read?
    .-= Pepper´s last blog ..Wordle is so fun! =-.

  3. Oh my gosh!! How exciting for Nicky!!! You have to be so proud! Oh YAYAYAYA! You HAVE to tell him all of us here in the blog world are proud of him, too 🙂 Perhaps I’ll be reading a book he wrote someday 🙂
    .-= Miche´s last blog ..Little Dude’ s Little Sister =-.

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