Last Beach Trip | Goodbye Missouri

My mom and I took the kids to Smithville Lake Beach for the morning. Our last trip to the beach here. Hopefully not the last visit with my mom before we leave in a few days. But if we get busy moving, it could have been. She told me she choked up while driving to the house, realizing it would likely be the last time she ever drove to this house to see us. I’m sorry for the sadness my family feels. I feel it too. But I still believe this is a great decision for my family. Only time will tell I suppose.

It was a little cold in the lake this morning. I think it was because it was cloudy and windy. But we still swam and had a great time with the kids. They were being a little onry I do have to admit. It’s okay though because kids are allowed to be onry from time to time. We buried kids in the sand, walked along the sandy bank, saw minnows in the shallow water, and skipped rocks.

It was a nice time at the beach I grew up at, where I used to swim with my mom and brother when we were kids.

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