Let The “Music” Begin

Nick’s sax arrived today. It’s a used sax from my husband’s cousin. It’s a very nice, expensive saxophone. And truly a godsend. We were going to have to rent to own and it would cost us upwards of $60 a month! When Adam’s aunt offered it to us, I literally almost cried – it’s such a huge blessing.

Nick is so excited!


(He’s only holding it like that because I asked for a picture. Otherwise, he’s been propping it up.)


(This sums up the rest of us.)


(The dogs are not sure about this. They keep barking along with the sax.)

I’m looking forward to hearing Nick progress and learn how to play an instrument. Very cool. I wish I could have done this as a child. It’s a huge blessing to know my children will have the chance to play whatever they want and experience the joy of music.

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