library time

At TKD I found out the kids need to be reading 30 minutes every day in the summer. So we stopped off at the library on the way home to pick up some books. The kids were in their uniforms and the talk of the library. It was so cute to see all the kids looking at them, and the moms telling their kids to look at the boys in their karate outfits.

Nicky wanted his own library card, so we got him his very first library card. He was very excited, even though he wasn’t jumping up and down about it. Nicky is a very reserved child, subtle queues give away his excitement, most of the time anyway. It was adorable. He’s really growing up.


As we walked down the isles of the juvenile section it took me back to my childhood. My childhood was littered with bad but the good was really good and going to the library all the time was one of those great memories. I seriously wanted to check one of the books out for myself but refrained. ha!


The library and books are a gift – hoping my boys realize this and catch the reading fever their mama had as a child.



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