I was thinking today how grateful I am that God decided to create us, even knowing all the bad in the world that would come at the fall of man. I am so thankful to be able to experience life, even with the bad mixed in there with all the good. I, like us all, have experienced a lot of bad, but with God’s help, I’ve gotten through it to the other side, and am stronger and closer to God because of it.

I am also thankful to my mother for giving me a chance to be born and live this life. She was a very young mother. She could have let fear overwhelm her, or decided I would be too big of an inconvenience, or that she wasn’t ready for a child yet. Instead she embraced me and allowed me to be born and to live on this earth.

Life is a precious gift. Even when it isn’t perfect or lovely all of the time – it’s a precious gift to be treasured.

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