Last night the family packed up their fishing gear and walked down to the local pond to try and catch some fish.

Within minutes I caught a small perch. Zane wanted to release it. He grabbed it gently, a little afraid, and carefully let it go in the pond.

We fished for a good hour without catching anything else, until I got another big catfish that was so heavy it broke the line once we had it reeled in.

Adam was afraid to grab it when the line broke. I laughed so hard, stepped forward, and picked up the fish, pulling the hook out, and releasing it back into the pond.

Zane got a few nibbles but again didn’t catch one. He cried. I felt sorry for him. He wants so badly to catch his first fish. I’m praying he catches one soon, even if its tiny, just so he can feel part of the group.

As much fun as we had, I carry a heavy heart around for the Christians being slain in the middle east. I read the stories, though so very few of them written, and watch a couple news clips, again far too few of them out there, and I pray, and weep, and pray again because I don’t know what else I can do.

I live in the lap of luxury. Not because of my nice new home, although that is certainly luxury. And not because of the water park in our backyard, or the fishing holes down the street, or even the parks sprinkled about the neighborhood. No, I live in the lap of luxury because I can practice my religion openly and freely. I can proclaim I’m a Christian without fear of my children being be-headed. I can openly read my Bible, pray, and worship my God.

I pray that for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray that one day they can worship our God without the real threat of being killed, or raped, or tortured for their faith.

I pray.

And hope that God will lay before me another way I can help in addition to prayer.

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