Time only continues on in this impossibly suffering world because God Himself is willing to keep suffering the impossible with us. Ann Voskamp – The Greatest Gift


We often ask ourselves why God allows such sorrow and pain. If He truly is “in control”, why doesn’t He swoop down and save us all? When really the question should be, why doesn’t God just end it all? He has the power to birth things into life with words, He certainly has the power to destroy them with words. Why doesn’t He? Why does He allow Himself to suffer from the sin in this world? Why does He allow Himself to feel the pain He feels when we are in pain?

Instead of asking why doesn’t He come like rain and wash our pain away, maybe we should awaken to the realization that at any time He could have decided to destroy it all, including us, and start all over again. But He didn’t. And He won’t. Because love rules His heart. Because He is love. And that love means more to Him than His hatred for sin.

God loves us more than He hates sin.

Love keeps this world spinning. Love keeps His heart tethered to ours. Love is the reason why He didn’t call it a wash, kill everything that He originally created, and start all over again. Never will His hate for sin become stronger than His love for humanity. Never will the heartache and pain He feels overcome His love for us.

The next time we are brazen enough to ask why there’s so much pain in this world, we should instead think about why God allows it.

Why He allows the pain sin brings is because He loves us enough to keep this world spinning, to keep us breathing, moving, living.


He loves us to such a degree that instead of wiping everything out at the beginning of time, when Adam and Eve fell into sin, He decided all the pain and suffering would be worth it in the end, because there would be a people who would love Him back.There would be a people who would serve Him and worship Him and appreciate Him.

He knew that one day it would all be worth it when heaven is filled to the brim with a people who received the great gift of His Love.


That’s why. Because of Love we are allowed to live, even in the muck and mire of this place we call earth.

Love is why.

And love makes it all worth it.

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