Loves Like A Hurricane

Isn’t it funny how your attitude can change from one day to another?

The other day I wrote this overwhelmed and whining post. My life hasn’t changed since then. In fact, our van broke down on us again today. It’s sitting out on the drive way leaking fluid. It is the grace of God that pushed that vehicle all the way home so that I wasn’t broken down on a two lane highway with all three children and no phone.

But somehow it doesn’t matter. I know we’ll be taken care of. He’s never let us drift out in this troubling world alone and He never will. It’s never His will when things go wrong. And He never “lets it happen” for any reason. He is a God of love and grace. He isn’t a God of hate and anger and bitterness. He never turns His back on His people.

It’s we who give in to the bad around us. It’s we who don’t rely on Him, trust Him and use the authority He has given us on this earth. I know this. I’ve known this. I’ve always known it but it’s hard to see it when you’re in the muck and the mire sometimes.

God is a good God.

And Jesus is my precious Savior – friend – Daddy.

The Holy Spirit is my guide.

I know that while we stand in the midst of crud right now, we will not stand here long. And while we’re here… we’ll be holding on to Him and His truths.

Oh how I love Him.

Oh yes, how I do.

And how He loves me!

And you.

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  1. Thank you I needed that right now. My good friends child is battling one of the deadliest cancers kids get and it just doesn’t sit right with me when people say we should be patient and try and see God’s plan in this and that there must be a reason. To me the reason simply is we are living in a broken sin infested sick world and bad things happen in it. I chooses to lean on him knowing that he will comfort us through this and not try and figure out why he did this to a little baby.
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..Your place and mine =-.

    1. @sarah:

      Sarah, you’re exactly right and it should not sit right with you. Our glorious God does not will this, allow this, or want this. It’s NEVER God’s will that a baby should be sick and battle for his life. And it is such a damaging thing when we Christians say that it must be His will… or to sit back and let Him “have control”.

      Jesus said to go heal the sick and raise the dead. He told US to do this. There is so much proof in the bible that God has given us all health and healing and it’s up to us to believe and receive it. Not to pray and beg God to heal us, but for us to praise Him for the truth that ‘by His stripes we were healed’, to speak to that “mountain” {whatever it mat be} and command it to flea and to speak life into ones body.

      I don’t know if you are familiar with Andrew Wommack and his ministry but if you aren’t I highly recommend you become familiar. This man’s understanding of the bible is tremendous and boy does he ever do a great job of stripping away all the religious damage done in the body of Christ…and bring about amazing insight into what God REALLY says in the bible.

      I recommend the following books – for you and your friend

      a better way to pray
      the believers authority
      the balance between grace and faith

      You can get pasts of previous teachings of his for free on his website — and watch some healing testimonies here: they will surely inspire and build ones faith in the healing power of Jesus.

      Your instinct that it isn’t right to just sit back and believe it’s all in God’s plan – or that it’s somehow His will or desire to let this boy be sick is right.

      We DO live in a fallen world … period. I wish more Christians would understand that. It doesn’t mean we’re hopeless, quite the contrary! Get ahold of Andrew’s CD’s and books and you will be inspired and excited by how many good things CAN happen with the power of God working through you.


  2. Ugh. This month. So many hard things – so many answers to prayers that I wanted answered, but that I’m not ready to deal with the answer to. God truly is awesome, truly does love and really is incredible. And this month, this hard time – it will pass, the sun will shine again.

    This blog is an encouragement my friend, keep up the good work.
    .-= Blessed´s last blog ..March – in like a lion =-.

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