Lyme Disease Awareness: Weight

You might be sick of hearing about Lyme disease from me. Frankly, I’m tired of having to talk about it too. But until my son and I are cured, and big changes are made in the Lyme community for everyone else, I won’t stop sharing my story. It needs to be told because untold amounts of people are suffering with it – many of whom don’t even know Lyme is behind their suffering.

This is yet another side affect of Lyme disease for me: weight gain. I’ve gained about 60 pounds in three years. It’s due to a combination of things, such as: hormonal imbalances, medication, fatigue and weak muscles – which limits my working out. I’m still as sick as ever. I still have hormonal imbalances. I’m still on medication that keeps the weight on. I’m still fatigued and have weak muscles. Nothing much has changed. But my resolve to take back my body from Lyme is growing stronger and stronger.

It’s my short term goal to drop enough weight to stop snoring. I never had a snoring problem before the weight gain. It’s bad. It’s a sign I’m not healthy and have too much weight on my body. And it’s no fun for my husband. My long term goal is to lose all of the weight I’ve gained. This could take years for me, I’m fully aware of it. And truly, it might never happen until I’m cured. I’m going to try though. I need to and want to.

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My son, on the other hand, has the opposite problem as me. He can’t put weight on. He is underweight and small for his age. This can be another symptom of Lyme disease. We’re looking into ways of getting more weight on him, and more growth into his poor little body. He was born smaller than my other two children. He was born with Lyme disease. If you have any suggestions for getting weight on him, I would love to hear. I’m considering doing some kind of protein shake approved for children, to see if that helps. He doesn’t have great muscle tone either – which comes with the Lyme disease. I hate that he is suffering and has never known a day in his life without Lyme disease.

So, here we go friends – another adventure in life thanks to Lyme disease.

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