Lyme Disease: Perspective

This year marks seven years infected by Lyme disease. God how I wish I could turn back time. Mostly for the sake of my youngest son, who caught the disease while in my womb. But since I can’t, I have to keep perspective. The fact is, although I’m still sick, Dash is still sick, we still feel like shit every day, we are better than we were a few years ago.

Not every day can I remain positive. Not every day can I keep perspective. It’s easy to get lost in a chronic illness. It’s easy to focus on the shitty aspects of living with a disease like this. And then I read a blog post from a mother of young children dying of cancer and I realize, yes, Dash and I are living a less than thriving life, but we are living – we have the gift of life. I’m not at risk of dying in a mere few months from a terrible cancer ravaging my body, like the mother in a blog post I read today. Mine and Dash’s lives are less than they should be. We aren’t able to live to the fullest. But we are alive. We are functioning, most days. We are blessed that we have experienced the level of healing we have experienced.

Lyme disease is something happening to our bodies, not who we are.

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