Tuesday we ventured out to the Magnolia Market and Silos, which was just down the street, so, again, we walked there. By this point I was much more comfortable being downtown and really enjoyed being so close to everything. I’m so used to being in the ‘burbs that I just felt really out of my element, but how silly of me to feel uncomfortable, really. It’s good to be placed outside of your comfort zone and be pushed into a new direction… I ended up really enjoying the area.

Magnolia was interesting. It was smaller than I thought it would be, and packed with people. I hear Saturday’s there are insane! So for a Tuesday, I was quite surprised by how busy it was.

There was a marketplace, the silos, and a bakery. The bakery had a line 30 deep, so we didn’t go there. There was greenery, food trucks, and a large area to sit and eat. I can see how it would be totally amazing when they had special events going.

I ended up purchasing a hat and shirt.

After visiting the Magnolia Marketplace, we walked up a few blocks and over a few blocks to the store we’d been to the previous day so we could pick up the walking stick for Nick. We looked around again and grabbed a couple more toys for the kids.

After shopping we walked over a couple blocks to the Fuzzy’s Tacos shop, where we got a delicious lunch. It was extremely hot that day, with no clouds, so the sun was blazing down on us. So after lunch, we went back to the hotel and rested, grabbed a small nap, before heading out to a mall – which we never did find, so we just stopped at a series of shops beside 1-35. I ended up with some yarn, so I could crochet a bit at the hotel.

On the way back, we stopped for a couple pizzas for dinner and for left overs the next day. We also swam again.

It was a wonderful vacation! And, although I was ready to see the kids again, by the time it was over, I did have a marvelous time with Adam and quickly missed being alone with him when we got home.

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