Hanging Memories

For Father’s Day, I made socks for my husband of my children’s hardcore faces.

Something unique and fun; even though he doesn’t ever wear them. ha!

My husband loved the faces they made, so I turned them into 11×14-inch photos, per his suggestion, and hung them in the living room.

He loved that!

The first thing you’ll see as you walk into our living room is 11×14 inch photos of my kid’s hardcore faces and I love it!

While our middle son played video games, and our youngest finished up school, my eldest and husband hung the pictures.

They worked together to level the frames; you should hear how quick my oldest son is at math! Straight from that big smart math brain of his; I joked that I should carry him around in my pocket like my personal calculator.

As I sit at the dining room table typing this article out, my family are all in the living room next to me and my heart couldn’t be more happy.

They’re still with us, still safe, still making daily memories, and I’m so blessed.

Oh sure, life is not easy peasy. It isn’t light-hearted and without harshship. We’re actually in the middle of some hard stuff right now, but I know how blessed we still are as a family and I’m honored to be their mama and my husband’s wife.

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