Making Memories

One of my most favorite memories of childhood is taking walks with my mom and brother. Nature walks or even just walks around the neighborhood were always fun. I don’t know how often we took walks, but it feels like pretty often, and I really love those memories. And there was always a camera with pictures bring snapped. Which is probably why I enjoy walks with my kids so much and taking lots of pictures every time we go.

My childhood wasn’t perfect. There was some dark stuff. But, even still, I have a lot of great memories with my brother and my mom. And so, I am learning to hold onto those more than the dark that seems to have shaped me more than I’d like to admit.

Today, we walked. We snapped pictures. We laughed and talked. And I’ll treasure these memories.

Me in my new dress.

Zane in his natural habitat.

They love these kind of trees.

Nick, me and Dash – with blue, his trusty triceratops.

At this point they were getting tired of all the pictures.

I love my boys!

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