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Welcome to the Mama Makes Money series here at I’m passionate about encouraging moms to be creative and find ways to make an income on their own, from home. I’ve been working from home since 2004 – if you’re quick with math you already know that’s 10 years this year.

I started out as a virtual assistant, then became an affiliate marketer running websites, then became a mommy blogger, moved back to virtual assistance while still making affiliate income, worked a job from home with BabyCenter, became a hand stamper making Christian jewelry, and now I’m back to running a blog.

You can see, I’ve done a little bit of everything from service based business, a job, passive income, and a product based business. Out of all that I’ve done, I most enjoyed the product business but didn’t enjoy the inventory and cost associated with it. I just wasn’t good at budgiting things, and keeping track of everything. Being creative floats by boat – just not all of the business stuff you have to do with it to make sure you aren’t spending more than you’re making, etc. So blogging about all these creative ways to make an income, helping you decide what you want to do from home, it a perfect mix of creativity and passively making money with a blog.

I plan to take you step by step through business ideas – including pictures – examples – product lists – and so much more. I really want this series on the blog to be super helpful to you in deciding how to make money from home, giving you a boost in starting your business, by giving you business advice along the way. Ten years of working from home, I’ve learned a thing or two about business, and working for yourself, and passing that along to you is my pleasure, and honor.


Examples of nail polish jewelry:




What You Need:

Glass cabochons


Necklace Trays




e6000 glue


Suppliers List:


Sun and Moon Craft Kits is the only place I’ve purchased supplies from for making nail polish jewelry. She has everything you could need, she ships quickly, and the supplies have always been very good quality.

Click here.

Let’s Get To Making:


Gather your supplies together. Glass, trays, nail polish of your choice, and e600 glue, no pictured.



Get your glass, turn it to the flat side.



Begin applying the first coat of your desired color of nail polish.



Thoroughly coat the glass.

Let sit and dry for up to an hour before putting the second coat on.



I usually let the second coat dry for up to 24 hours. Some people folks say it only takes a few hours to dry completely. I like to give it a full 24 hours before putting the glue on. If you don’t let it dry long enough, after you put the glue on, it’ll seep through the nail polish, and ruin your piece.



Place a small glob of the glue on the back. You don’t want too much, or too little, you’ll have to play around with a few pieces to find the perfect amount of glue.

The last step is placing the piece in the tray. Then using a q-tip with a little bit of nail polish remover, and rubbing that along the edges of the piece, to remove any excess nail polish that might have made it to the sides of the glass.

Here are a couple pictures of pieces that I finished the other day.





Price point: I’ve seen any where from $5 for little earrings up to $20 for a big pendant. If I were to run a business like this, I would price my products starting at $10 and going up to $18.

Where to sell: Obviously there is Etsy. Etsy is the go-to-place for most creative types selling their products. You have a better chance of traffic starting out, from people using the Etsy search engine. But Etsy isn’t the only option. Even though I’m partial to Etsy, I’ve used other sources and like them for different reasons.

Other options for selling: Big Cartel, Shopify, and Store Envy – to name a few.

What you need to decide is if you want an independent store – meaning, your own store front, versus how Etsy gives you a store, but has links to all their other things above your store, possibly taking traffic away from you – or if you want to be tied to Etsy’s search engine, which is a plus for when you’re first starting out.

The nice thing about Store Envy is they offer you both. I have no personal experience with Store Envy, so I would do more research before deciding on that option.

Other Things To Think About:

You’ll need something to put your jewelry in – organza bags are nice. You could also do little boxes.

Bubble envelopes are a must – or you could do boxes – but I never found a problem using bubble envelopes.

Shipping cost – find out the shipping cost and make sure you factor in drive time to the post office, gas money, and the time it takes out of your day. You don’t want to over charge but you certainly don’t want to under charge either.

Advertising cost – how are you going to market the business? Do you plan on being mostly online? Or do you plan on selling at craft shows?

Picking a name – I like picking names short and clever. I’ve had The Tiny Tag for personalized jewelry I did for a hot minute. And Grace Tags for my Christian jewelry business. It doesn’t have to be Betty’s Nail Polish Jewelry. You could do something like The Painted Glass. Of course, you’ll want to go to a domain website, like GoDaddy, and make sure the name isn’t taken. Likewise, make sure the name isn’t taken at Etsy or Store Envy, if you use those websites.

Think about who is your target market? Girls, teens, adult women? I sold to adult women, so that factored into deciding the colors of the pieces. I did solid colors and muted tones, nothing flashy.

This will give you a good starting launch to your nail polish jewelry business. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments box below.

Wishing you blessings with your business.



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