Many Goodbyes but Also Hellos

We go down to Texas next week to pick out our house. We could very well have our home on the market in two weeks. We spent the entire day working on the house, painting, fixing, purging, and deep cleaning – with my in-laws and husband. I’m so sore its insane.

I always forget how sick my body still is until I push it hard. But, the good news is, I was able to make it through the day. A couple years ago, there would be no way I could have even attempted it, let alone completed the day.

I’m proud of us. We really were a great team today. Even the kids helped out some. Zane helped with the lower walls, cleaning them up. And Dash helped clean the floors.

It’s hard to believe we will be out of this house that’s been our home for 13 years in less than 6 weeks! This sweet home has welcomed us as a married couple and welcomed each of our three boys home from the hospital. There’s been great joy and great pain felt within the walls of this home.

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye. So many goodbyes. Goodbye to my family, goodbye to our home, goodbye to my home state. Yet, so many happy hello’s too. Keeping my eyes on the happy. It’s not that I don’t feel sad, I do, it’s very bittersweet, but this decision we made together, what we feel is the best decision for our family, was made and we are making the best of a bittersweet situation. We are keeping our eyes on the positive and remaining hopeful that this was the right decision for our family.

Keeping our eyes on the positive and trusting God through this move.


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