McDonalds, I don’t want to take you back

It has been one full month since my last trip to McDonalds. It has been one month since I’ve had sugar of any kind (including fruit). It has been one month since I’ve had pizza, bread, donuts, cheese, milk, cereal, popcorn….

Do I miss all those foods? The first two weeks were terribly difficult. I had major withdrawal from sugar and breads. I was cranky and even down right angry I had to give up these foods I’ve loved for so long.

But, the longer I’ve stuck with my Candida diet the easier it has become. I don’t CRAVE sugar anymore. And I don’t have physical cravings for breads, but I do miss them. It was such a habit to eat bread with each meal so the habit has been hard to break.

Surprisingly to me it has become easier to eat healthy. And this is extreme health here people. Not cutting back on bad fats. This is no salad dressing on salads. This is no mustard with chicken. This is no bacon with my eggs. This is strict dieting, but it’s all for the better good of my health.

How have I been feeling? The first two weeks I literally felt like I was going to die. In fact I told a couple friends I thought I’d end up in the ER. The die off symptoms were terrible to deal with.

I was also dealing with depression because of how bad I felt physically and that I missed my foods. I had yet to find two websites I’ve located last week with really delicious alternatives to foods I used to enjoy.

The past week has been better. I’ve begun to feel better and have gotten used to not snacking and only drinking water. I’ve gotten used to eating meats and veggies only and an occasional bowl of brown rice.

I’ve also learned how to feed my son better! This is a huge thing for me. I’ve always wanted him to eat better and even when I was feeing him what I thought was healthy I now know it really wasn’t. He actually loves to eat what I eat so it hasn’t been a problem.

Now I just need to get my husband to eat healthy with me and we’ll be good to go. I believe he has become tired of our huge lifestyle change and almost resentful. We don’t eat fast food together or eat out together (I can’t) and even the food we eat at home has changed. I can’t eat pizza or tacos. I do feel bad. Food is a social thing in his family and I believe that is what he misses.

I will be able to eat out from time to time and eat breads from time to time, but I’ll probably always have to eat really healthy from today forward. Which isn’t a bad thing. Just getting my husband on board will be the difficult part.

Anyway, although I do still feel bad and I am still having die off symptoms things are slowly on the mend. And my cravings are all but gone.

I wanted to offer an update for anyone who was following my health story. It isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun, but it is working. 🙂 I’ll be posting more specific details of how things are going, but today I just wanted to talk about the food aspect.

I really have to thank Carrie Lauth for all her help, support, and advice. I also need to thank Kari St. Louis for her help as well. These ladies have taken me under their wings and opened my eyes to a new way of living and mothering. Thank you ladies. You have blessed me.

I’ve lost 22 pounds in 4 weeks! A nice side benefit 🙂

Here is a recent picture of me 22 pounds lighter…and very WHITE! lol

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  1. I just surfed here from 5minutesformom Wordless Wednesday.

    WHY are you on this health kick?

    Just curious.

    I could give up bread if I had to. But I think I’d really stop eating all together if I couldn’t have cereal, LOL.

  2. It really isn’t a health kick. It is a necessary change because I have an overgrowth of yeast (candida) and the only way to get it under control is to starve it. And you do that with a strict diet, then you take antifungals and then a probiotic. 🙂

  3. The weight loss is a nice side benefit, and as you said, feeling great is its own reward. Oftentimes we don’t realize how bad some foods make us feel unless we give it up.

    But my friend, I don’t see anything wrong with popcorn as long as it’s organic. LOL! It’s one of my favorite snacks. 🙂 Lots of fiber. I had a guy friend who used to make the most awesome garlic spicy popcorn. I don’t know what all he sprinkled on it, but it was like a delicacy!

  4. Everything I’ve read said I have to stay away from corn and corn products so that is why I haven’t had pop corn on this diet. I’m sure I’ll be able to add some foods back into my diet in a couple months though. 🙂

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