I’m stoked to have my kids back home from vacation. It’s been nice having a week alone and with my husband but I’m done with that and ready for the chaos of kids again. I feel like three parts of me are gone, like I’m not my whole self right now. God help me when they all grow up and move away and start their own adult lives.


(Teddy bear I’m making for Dash as a surprise for when he gets home.)

I miss them so bad it hurts. I also feel like a kid at Christmas, or a teen in love, that giddy feeling you get inside when you even just think of the gifts you’ll receive, or seeing your boyfriend for a date. I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow night so much I can hardly stand it. I just love them so very much!

I’ve had a great time with my husband and enjoyed my alone time but it’s now time to get back to our normal routine and our normal lives of having three extraordinary children!

Can’t wait to see them and hug them and listen to all their little vacation stories.


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