Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife has something called Daily Mom Style, in which she shares what she’s wearing/worn through the week. I’ve always been inspired by her posts. And although I don’t plan on doing this every week, I did snap pictures of clothing I’ll be wearing this week and thought it would be fun to share.

A big thank you to my photographer, Nicky, my 10 year old son. I’m not professional model, nor is he a professional photographer, but together we made it work.

It’s still hot here in North Texas. We’re talking 90’s! But I love fall fashion so much I’ve been wearing it. Most days I’m in the A/C anyway. This outfit I paired fall fashion with summer fashion. I think it works okay.


This outfit is my favorite for the week. And it’s my good fortune that the weather is dipping into the 80’s – yep, that’s our cold front, but I’ll take it! I am really loving these bulky scarves! Believe it or not, I picked these up from Wal-Mart! (love the doggie modeling in the picture too.)


This dress by Forever21 is so flattering and feels so good on. Some days I like to dress up even when I have no where fancy to go. And this dress screams fall – so I’m sure I’ll find a place to wear it.


I love me a skinny jean and a shirt that makes me appear thinner than I really am – so, am lovin’ this outfit. I would pair it with a better shoe but I don’t have a lot of cute sandals. I will invest in more next year but for now, a casual flip floppy type sandal is what I have available to use.


What are you wearing this week? Do you find it difficult to dress up daily or does it come naturally to you?


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