Mommy Milestone

One of the benefits to this strict diet for my health is I’m also losing weight at a rapid speed! Apparently if you eat lots of fresh veggies, some carbs, and some meat you lose weight…who’d of thought it? hehe

Last week I lost enough to get back into jeans I hadn’t worn in so long I can’t even remember the last time! I had them up in my closet … that pair of jeans many of us have that we’re holding onto until we can fit back into them. Well….I finally fit and here’s the proof!

I might actually get down to the weight I was before my first son 3 years ago…wouldn’t that be a treat? It has been rough going…eating this healthy, but I have to because my body will react badly if I eat any sugars or yeasts right now. I’m finally growing a taste for all the veggies, brown rice, and fresh meat though.

I do confess…I miss breads, pastas, pizza, and donuts still 😉

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  1. Wow! How great for you that your were persisitent in figuring out what was wrong and then staying focused on the diet to get healthy! Way to go… you are an inspiration.

    PS. I found you through!

  2. Nell,

    Honey you look good, but you aren’t healthy and I want to commend you for sticking with what you know and not giving up just because a Dr. tells you you’re wrong. You know you’re body better than anyone, after al you’ve been in it long enough, right? 🙂

    My prayers are with you through this rough time and I’ll be praying God heals your body and you become the healthy mama your boys need you to be and quickly!


  3. awww thank you thank you! hehe It does feel pretty great. I might just make my goal of feeling good about myself in a bathing suit this summer.

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