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My 35th Birthday

We spent most of my birthday in the car, driving to pick up Gunner. We drove through Kansas to get him. It was an interesting drive of flat land, it made me think back to the pioneer days and what it was like for the men and women of that time. It was also a very long drive; 6 hours total.

We ate at a small town Subway for lunch. There were more trucks in the parking lot than all of my “small” town. It was like a different world of country boys and trucks and farmers. We met our little fuzz ball and it was love at first lick. He was very excited to kiss all over us.

We stopped at a rest stop on the way home and let him out to play. The rest of the trip home he slept. We stopped off at my in-laws to eat dinner and pick up the kids. My mother in law made lasagna and bread, it was very good.

It was a long day but totally worth the trip.






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