My First Evening Internet Free

My first night being Internet free was a success and I honestly didn’t miss it much either. I still took pictures with my iPhone and played a couple words with my husband on Words with Friends, once the kids were asleep, but I didn’t open my computer, I didn’t check Facebook or Twitter or any blogs. I avoided the trappings of the net and it felt really good.

As soon as my day was over at work, I closed my computer for the night. The kids came home to fresh green smoothies, homework promptly done, cleaning of the house before any games could be played. Once the house was clean, the kids were gifted with an hour of video games, while I made dinner. Once dinner was done, they were done with video games and the iPhone.


After dinner they went to their rooms to play Lego’s and unwind a bit. I took that opportunity to bathe, soaking in a nice hot tub is just what the doctor ordered. After some down time, I got out the game Trouble. We had a family game of Trouble, ice cream afterward, tucking them in for bed at a decent hour.


I then spent the evening reading a good book, playing with the dogs, checking on the kids from time to time, and unwinding with some Wife Swap on the television. My husband came home to a clean house and a good report on how the evening went.

I have to tell you, it felt so right. It felt so good. And seeing his reaction made me feel even more like I was doing the right thing for my family, and myself. The Internet can wait. Nothing is going to happen in the evening that I can’t read about the next morning. I’m not missing out. I would be missing out on my family’s lives though, they can’t wait until the morning.

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