My Go-To Plus Size Outfit


My style has changed since I’ve gained 70 pounds. I used to wear form fitting t-shirts and boot-cut jeans most days. I don’t like my belly rolls showing so those shirts are no more. While I do wear boot-cut jeans sometimes, they aren’t my go-to anymore.


I’ve found that skinny jeans and peplum tops work well with my new figure. The top hugs my curves while hangs off my belly so that the belly isn’t the focal point. And the skinny jeans shows off my legs – which are the best part of my body, I think. It’s a great outfit to create the illusion of an hour glass figure.


As far as shoes, I’m either one extreme or the other. I’ll either do a heel of some sort, or a flat shoe. I like both looks. It really just depends on my mood. Typically, though, with this kind of outfit, I do wear a taller shoe.


I don’t think about fashion all that much. Truth be told, most days I’m in something comfortable and I don’t care much about how I look.


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