My Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

So good today.

So, so good.

Yesterday, not so much. The burning, tingling, fatigued disease settled in so deeply that I swore I’d just turned into this disease.

But not today.

I woke up energized and happy. I took my little white, chalky pill, closed my eyes and prayed that these good feelings would last all day.

They did.

My body buzzed with energy.

My heart sung with joy.

I cleaned, scrubbed, vacuumed, turned the bathroom into a room fit for a queen, windexed, moved furniture, did 50 thousand loads of laundry, swung my baby around and around while listening to jazz, took pictures, laughed, played Nintendo 64 with my husband…

I was me, again.

It felt right.

My body pumped with endorphins and had it been cooler outside I would have tried my legs at a walk. Something I’ve not been able to do in several months, or even think about doing.

Only one week of Lyme treatment and I already had a day like this!

I pray it lasts.

Though I know that, for whatever reason, some days are good and some days aren’t.

I’m in a very hopeful place that the good days will slowly become the dominant. And soon, very soon, there will never be a bad day again.

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