My New Protocol

A follow-up to my recent post about my thyroid and inflammation, I wanted to share what I’m taking, per my ND, and my plans for dietary changes to help bring about reduction of pain and inflammation.

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Back to my new protocol for inflammation and thyroid supplementation, this is not me recommending this for you, I want to make that clear. I had blood-work done, have a ND going over my results, knows my health history well, and is very educated. I’m just sharing this to encourage you to keep pushing, keep fighting, keep researching and working with your own team of doctors to drill down to the root of whatever pain or disease you’re dealing with.

The SPM is for inflammation. I take it once per day with food. If I don’t see any relief from pain, I’m to increase that in a month by twice as much as I’m taking now. I’m also looking into diets to help with the inflammation. I already know I have a food intolerance to dairy, so I’ve been working on taking that out of my diet, but I know that carbs and sugar add to inflammation as well so I’m looking into possibly going Keto for a month to see how I feel with the help of that diet. Are you Keto? I’d love any advice, tips, or your experience with the diet! Just leave a comment on this blog post.

The thyroid supplements are to very lightly support my thyroid. I don’t have any off the charts numbers with my extensive blood-work, so he isn’t going to attack that problem head on. He does want to lightly supplement due to a couple results, and my symptoms, to see how this works for my body. I appreciate that because I have this internal gut feeling that’s telling me this is partly a thyroid issue. Not necessarily that my thyroid has a disease but that the Lyme and inflammation could be interfering with my glands and hormones.

I just started the supplements today. I’ll make sure to update you in a month. If you’d like more in the moment updates, I would recommend you follow me on IG and watch my stories. I try to keep my followers there updated with my stories.

I’ve been on this Lyme disease journey for 12 years now and I’m still surprised and confused with my body and its symptoms. It’s like, wow, how much longer do I have to drill down to the root of this? Is the pain directly the bacteria or is it an inflammation process due to infection? Is it a whole other disease not even related to Lyme? It’s so hard to say. It takes time to figure things out.

If you’re new to chronic illness, or not new at all, I’d like to encourage you to keep working toward finding the root cause of your pain, fatigue, disease and to not give up on healing your body. Even if I can’t get my body back 100%, if I can get my body back to a 3-5 out of 10 on a pain scale, I’ll be satisfied. I know that sounds insane. Why would anyone be happy with that much pain? After several years of pain that, many days, is up to a 8-10, reducing the pain to a 3-5 would be great relief. I am aiming for pain free! Don’t get me wrong. But I’m also realistic to what this may end up looking like.

So, fight on, keep being the warrior you are, but also, be okay with how far your body can go, or has come, with the reduction of symptoms. It’s fighting for your on the daily. Bless it, adore it, respect it.

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