I try my best to cleanse my face and apply all the products I’ll be mentioning in this post nightly but I have to admit I don’t always. Tsk Tsk. The older I get the harder I work to get cleansed up every night though. My face needs tender loving care. I’m turning 36 this October – 36! –  and the fine lines are creeping up. I think what I notice the most are my drooping lids but no cream is going to do much for that. Just something I’ll have to get used to I suppose. The joy of aging, right?

I use Meaningful Beauty for the bulk of my nightly routine. I’ve been using Cindy Crawford’s line for well over a year now. I love all the products except the day cream, which leaves me feeling and looking greasy. But because I get so many other products in my monthly membership that I actually use and enjoy, I keep the monthly membership going.


  • I start by putting my hair up in a pony tail and clipping my bangs back. Bangs you rarely see me in. Bangs I have no idea why I cut back into my hair.
  • I then cleanse my face with Meaningful Beauty’s cleanser.
  • After that I spread liberally over my neck and chest the neck cream.
  • I then work up to my eyes, using the eye cream under them and on my lids too.
  • I finish up my face with the creme’ which is amazing y’all! It’s the main reason I keep the monthly membership going. I use three pumps because I just love it so much and liberally spread it over my face and down onto my neck and chest. It smells good, feels good, and makes my face glow.
  • I then put my Baby Lips chap stick on – or any chap stick laying around.
  • Lastly, I spray some smell good on my jammies. I’m not picky. Anything that smells good goes on. I love going to sleep inhaling the sweet scent of a body spray.

(Before: fully made up)


(After: Bare faced and fully cleansed)


(All ready for bed)


And that’s my nightly skin routine/bedtime routine in a nut shell.

What is your skincare routine?

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