My Old Man

He’s nine and a half now. His name is Jackson, but we call him Jack or Jackman. And sometimes we call him Jmanuel and Jacksonville.

He was our first baby. Oh and was he ever spoiled. He’d come every where with us and our parents would buy him dog toys and treats for Christmas and his birthday. We’d take walks/hikes together every day and snuggle together at night.

Then the kids came and he took a back seat. And he did it with grace and understanding. The past several months I’ve begun growing closer to him again. He comes with us every morning when I take Nicky to school and he’s been sleeping in our room at night.

We take walks and hikes together at least a couple times per week, as long as the weather permits it. And he gets cuddle time. Admittedly, he still no longer gets toys and treats from our parents, or even us, for Christmas and birthdays and probably never will again. Three kids is a lot to buy for, don’tcha know?

Today we took him to PetSmart and got him a new collar and shampoo and teeth stuff and spent an hour on him today. He smells so good and is so light and fluffy. I invited him along as I went up to get food for me and my husband for lunch. He stuck his head out the window and I felt a sense of peace and joy with him next to me.

This evening we took one of our mammoth walks around the neighborhood, hiking up and down the huge hills. I noticed about half-way thru our walk he slowed his pace and it reminded me that our time together is growing to a slow end. One day he’ll be too old to walk with me. And one day he won’t be around. And it made me sad that there will be a day that he isn’t here. But happy that I have him now.

He and I have something special together and I’m so lucky to call him my doggy friend.

I love you Jack!

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  1. He’s so pretty, ok for his self image, a handsome doggy 🙂 Makes me miss our Cota, she wasn’t with us long but boy did she make an impact!
    .-= chrissy´s last blog ..I Love Him =-.

  2. Is he a Sheltie or a Collie? I can’t tell his size from the pictures. I grew up with Shelties. My parents still have one. The last picture reminds me of my (our) Misty, the one I grew up with.
    .-= Heather G´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Oh…How I remeber the days when Jack was the only “grand child”! Sweet little fluffy pile of excitement! Racing through the house…he and sadie checking each other out! Sadie jumping on the furniture in fear of this little bundle of endless energy!Best memory…trip to see Santa at Parkville with Sadie. Times seemed so simple then. Yes…Jack is a sweet old soul…there’s still so much to love about him.

  4. I know how you feel we have a little one going through the same thing, she is turning 12 this month. I am starting to feel like you though and bring her back into our lives since Chandler is getting older. She is just like a child to us and oh I feel so bad for the time I have kind of pushed her away. Great pictures, pictures I know you will cherish for a lifetime.
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..Things in life…. =-.

  5. Oh what a sweet post. It makes me extra sad because my last dog died just this fall, and his life was similar. He was my baby and I adored him and spoiled him. Then the human babies came along and usurped his place, but he was always there when I needed a warm puppy hug or to babble to someone other than a child. Then after baby #3, I got to be home more and our two other dogs had died (while I was pg with #3, all of age related stuff) and he and I got to bond more. And then he died and it was so sad, I’m glad you are appreciating your boy while you have the chance!
    .-= Laurie´s last blog ..Moving Soon =-.

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