My one word for this year, 2014, was going to be embrace. I wrote about why I chose it. And wrote about why it fit my goals this year. And then God knocked on my heart and whispered into my ear: family.

Sarah Mae made her husband her one word. I love that. I thought about changing mine to Adam. But I realized, through Gods help, that I actually need to focus on him and my children and my extended family this year. This is the year of family.


I feel things moving and changing in my life. And this one word is the catalyst to that change. With God’s help, I’ve made the big decision to cut back my time online. I’ve made the decision to cut back my social media interactions. Instead of checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the evening, I’ve decided to make evenings off limits to social media.

The time I would be spending online in the evening will be completely devoted to my family. No more checking blogs, social media, my sites, AOL IM, or anything of the sort. This is my small step into cutting back. My ultimate goal is only being online to check blogs and social media one day a week. But I know if I jumped into that I would fail, so I’m dipping my toe into change so I have a better chance of success.

My family needs more of me. They need not only more time but more quality. And I need it too. Being online for several years has proved to me that this social media thing we do can be awfully superficial and even though I’ve made great relationships, and the people online are simply amazing, I’m always trying to fit in, get in, and stay in – its been poison to me in some ways. It often feels so empty and fake and that’s all me because it isn’t empty and fake, not all of the time anyway, but it’s how it makes me feel.

What isn’t empty and fake is my real life, my family, my extended family, my wonderful husband. Nothing fake and empty about that. So instead of chasing the empty, I’m chasing the real. My dare is to become the wife and mother and daughter I always wanted to be. I’m fighting against Lyme disease and depression and know this won’t be easy, and letting go of something that takes my mind off my disease won’t be easy either, but this is what God has told me to do, and if He has told me to do it, then He will equip me to follow through.

My one word: family.

And what a wonderful family it is.


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