It’s been a rough weekend. It really started last week, when my husband started having tooth pain. He didn’t let me know about it. He thought it was nothing. When is tooth pain nothing? Lol

Friday it got worse and he called our dentist, but the office was closed. His next plan was to hold off until Monday and try to get an appointment later this week.

Those plans were derailed. Saturday greeted him with a lot more pain. It still seemed manageable enough, but it was getting worse.

Sunday, well Sunday was pretty much hell on earth for him. His gums around a certain tooth were swollen, he had shooting pains up his face, he was running a fever, his face was swollen, and he was in so much pain that vicodin wasn’t even helping!

Our dentist said it would be $300.00 just to come into the office, not including the work that might need to be done. Hubby didn’t like the sounds of that and felt he could wait it out until Monday morning.

The poor man was in so much pain he was in tears, couldn’t get any sleep, took several baths to help make himself feel a little better (this man never takes a bath), and tried all kinds of methods to help ease the pain…none of which worked.

I got no sleep either. I was worried about him. After talking to my Mom and Jen, I felt it was an abscessed tooth and I was worried about the infection running through his body. If the appointment would have been later in the day, I would have rushed him into the ER.

After 2 hours at the dentist, he called and said it is an abscessed tooth. The dentist feels it was due to a bad root canal. It is so swollen and infected they can’t do another root canal on it right now. He has to wait until next week. They sent him to a specialist, where they inserted a drain into his gums, and it’ll be there until Thursday. He has pain meds and an antibiotic in the meantime.

He isn’t feeling much better. Just a little. Poor thing. He is feeling good enough to get some zzz’s though. His poor face is HUGE! And on top of it all, he doesn’t get sick time where he works. Nor can he take vacation days when he wants to. So, this time he is off is unpaid. We’ve had several high unexpected expenses this month too. That means, on top of him feeling sick, he is concerned about the money.

It’s been a rough few days. I pray that he’ll begin to feel better soon, because I cant bare to see him in so much pain when there isn’t anything I can do to ease the pain. It hurts me so much it leaves me in tears.

Here he is…poor guy.

And no, that isn’t from gauze or even the drain (it is very small)…it’s just all swollen!

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  1. (((HUGS))) to you all. I guess I’ll think of the phrase here when life throws you lemons then make lemonade but it sure is hard when everything comes crushing down on you at once.

    I’m so glad he went in and I’ll be praying the pain and swelling will dissolve soon. So sad that a freaking tooth can cause this much pain to our bodies.

  2. Ouch! I know exactly what he is going through! Been there done that! I didn’t even want the stupid root canal in the 1st place but my dentist made me believe it was absolutely necessary. Well a couple years later and an abscessed tooth after the infection went away they had to pull the tooth anyways. I’m so against root canals!

    Hope the pain eases soon and I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery!

  3. Awww here’s to hoping he feels better soon – poor guy I feel his pain. I’m with Steph – toothache pain is THE worst pain EVER, including giving birth.

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