I’ve known her since I was 11 or 12. We met in church. At first, we both thought the other looked stuck up. Soon, though, we would become fast friends. Best friends. Sisters, really. We spent so much time together, I really can’t recall my teen years without her in them.

We lost touch for a period of time before re-connecting through Facebook. Thank God for Facebook! It’s allowed me to connect with people I might not have re-connected with, or certainly wouldn’t have been so easy connecting with them again.

After moving to Dallas, we both agreed a visit in person was long overdo. So we met up today for lunch. And it was amazing. It was so wild seeing her at my door. It was like time stood still. She looked the same. Aside from the fact that we both are mothers now, and talked about our kids, and I drive a mini-van – GASP! – it felt the same as the last time we saw each other well over 13 years ago.

She is a generous, kind, caring woman. One I’m honestly so grateful to call my friend. Although we haven’t kept in close contact through the years, she has always been in my heart, on my mind, and will forever and always be my sister.

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