Name-Brand Lipsticks with High Levels of Lead

There’s yet another product we use everyday that has tested positive for high levels of lead.

According to CNN.com “61% of brand-name lipsticks tested contained detectable levels of lead, which can be toxic if ingested.”

I tend to lick my lips when not wearing and wearing lipstick and I doubt I’m alone. All this time I had no idea I was ingesting lead from my lipstick.

The toys and now the lipstick having high levels of lead makes me wonder what else I’m using on a daily basis that has high levels that I just don’t know about yet.

Check out CNN for the Lipsticks with Lead story to get more information and read what brands tested positive.

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  1. Yes, scary. I don’t wear lipstick cause I think I look goofy it in 😉 (tomgirl) but I do like chapstick…espcially in the winter.

    What weirdo thought that up…hey lets put lead in the lipstick!

  2. Not only that, but when I used to sell lipstick with a direct sales company that used nontoxic ingredients, we learned that conventional lipsticks also contain roadkill. The cosmetics companies purchase rendered fat at wholesale to save money, and the cheapest place they can get it are from companies that boil dead animals (including roadkill!) and skim the fat off.

    You can ask Diana Walker about this, she sells the same stuff I used to. And I can’t use any other lipstick now!

  3. I wear lipgloss on occasion but I don’t wear lipstick heck not even makeup much. I do like how makeup looks on me though. I’ll have to check out that link and read up to see if my lipgloss is on there.

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