New Makeup (Plus Reviews)

I had plans today. Plans of doing absolutely nothing. My in-laws are in town and I’ve been entertaining them since Sunday night. They had plans to be gone for a few hours today, so naturally, I planned to take advantage of the alone time and…sleep. But of course. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as they left I got the bug to buy some new makeup. So I threw on a maxi dress, because it’s still in the triple digits here in North Texas, and ran out the door to the local Wal-Mart.

I needed some concealer. Can you believe I had none in my arsenal of makeup? I seriously am almost 36 and didn’t have a drop of concealer! I also wanted to grab a couple new nail polishes. Other than that, I had no real idea what I wanted. I figured I’d find it when I found it. And as usual, I was right. (dripping sarcasm)

Below is the final look with all the products purchased today.


Let’s talk product.


Almay Intense i-color for brown eyes.

Initial thoughts: I saw this and thought, PERFECT! for brown eyes. I was excited to try this easy way to paint color on brown eyes.

Final thoughts: I wasn’t as impressed with it on as in the packaging. It wasn’t as vibrant as I thought it would be. Next time I’ll try it a bit wet and see if that gives me the color I’d prefer. I did enjoy the ease of using the three colors though.


Flower Lighten Up Concealer

Initial thoughts: Ah ha! I found a concealer. Oh and hmmm wonder if this is my color? And finally, hey I’ll give it a try.

Final thoughts: I twisted and twisted and twisted before the product came through the brush. I was concerned at first that I’d purchased a bad one. Once it got going though I really liked how it applied. I think I purchased the correct color. It seemed to do the work well. I’m happy with the purchase.


Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

Initial thoughts: I needed a new black liner. Although there are a bazzilion plain black liners available that I could have picked up, this packaging really caught my eye. The fact that there were three liners and supposedly were to compliment brown eyes I just had to have it.

Final thoughts: I tried the purple first. I have to say, wasn’t thrilled with the color. Felt it was too dark of a purple to really notice it was purple. I went with the black in my final look. It went on easily and smoothly. Going to try the brown tomorrow. I’m over all happy with the purchase.


Maybelline Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Luminous Latte (on right) and Maybelline Color Sensational Nude Lust

Initial thoughts: I was super excited by the colors of both of these lip products. I felt they’d look great together. The nude looked smooth and rich and a great tone. Nudes are so hard to get right if you ask me. I haven’t yet found one with enough color but not too much color. If you know what I mean? Thought these two would be perfect…

Final thoughts: The colors do compliment one another. They are creamy and beautiful. However, they are both too close to my face color. It washed me out. I had to add a bright pink to the color in order to get the color you see in the picture of me wearing it. So, for now editing the color with my pink lipstick will work. I’m still on the great nude lip hunt.


Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Give’em The Green Light  and L’Oreal Too Dimensional

Initial thoughts: The colors felt like fall to me and I’m all about the fall season even if it still feels like the dead of summer here in Texas! I liked the deep jewel tones of the green and the shimmer of the purple.

Final thoughts: I’m pleased with both. I’ll try and remember to take a picture of the colors on. The green looks exactly as it does in this picture on and the purple looks pretty much the same also. Which is great because sometimes I buy nail polishes only to put them on and have them look nothing like in the bottle.

So, over all I’m happy with the purchases from today’s makeup hunt. I’m hungry for more deals and more finds and more goodies though and trying hard to restrain myself from buying anything new this month. There are just so many pretty lip sticks and nail polishes out there and I still need to find that perfect nude lip, y’all!

And because a few of the products today were for brown eyes, I thought I’d link to a video on how to create a beautiful eye look for brown eyes. I’m considering doing a few videos for YouTube. Maybe review videos, nothing too fancy, as I don’t have a fancy camera and set up. Just your basic video. Would you be interested in videos to go along with the pictures and the podcasts here?

Oh and if you do have a recommendation for the perfect nude lip, lip liner, and gloss please let me know. I’m serious, I need help!



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