Nurse Mommy

Seems like every where I turn, young people are getting engaged and married on television. It reminds me of Adam and I as young people embarking on marriage and how naive we were to what marriage is. It’s been way harder than either one of us could have ever imaged and yet through the hardness, and ups and downs, we’ve discovered a love that doesn’t fail. I want to tell all these young people, it’s hard but the best hard you’ll ever do!


My poor Zane has a tummy bug. He’s not running a fever, and has no other symptoms except throwing up. I’m a bit baffled by it. Praying he heals quickly. Although I hate it when my kids are sick, because no good mom likes to see their kids sick, I do have to say nothing makes me feel more like a mommy than when they are ill and I’m taking care of them.

I’m up with a head cold I picked up from Dash who picked it up from school from some other kid who probably passed it to their parents and siblings and half the school. I dread school starting for this very reason. We always end up sick with something throughout the year until school lets out for summer break.


God laid on my heart to write about reconciliation and forgiveness. This is a pretty huge topic to tackle. Everybody wants to know how to forgive and forget, There are books all over the place about forgiveness. But, I have a story that God wants me to share about forgiving and radical grace and how you can really stop hurting from painful wrongs done to you. I’m praying God gives me the words because a book is a big project. Please pray that God would not only give me the words, but that everything I write would bring glory to God, and people closer to His radical grace.

I’m on Tumblr now. I’m using it as a photo album. If you follow me on Instagram already it might not be of interest to you since I’ll mostly be posting pictures from there. However, don’t have Instagram? Like my pictures? Check out my Tumblr site titled, oh Hello Friend.

It’s almost five am. I’ve been up all night. I have to be up in an hour to get the kids ready for school. It’s going to be a very long day. I might try and get an hours sleep. I’ll be living on caffeine and adrenaline tomorrow while I take care of my poor kid Zanie pooh.


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