off to vacation they go.

There’s no doubt about it, my in-laws are gems. They love and adore their grandkids and their kids. They treat their daughters-in-law like their own children. I hit the in-law lotto when I gained them as parents.

They so enjoy spending time with their grandkids that they decided to take all three to Branson this weekend…on their own! They are never afraid of the handful that our three boys can be. Even though I’m sure its tiring for them, and hard work, they truly enjoy having them around. Such a treasure they are.

I know the kids are going to have so much fun. They’ve been before but not all three together. The condo is neat, it has this huge jacuzzi tub they love, fold out couches that make them giggle, and a fun indoor pool. Plus all the fun things to do in Branson. I fully expect to be bombarded with excited and possibly tuckered out kiddos Sunday.

I’m so thankful for Mom and Dad T. They are an integral part of our lives. Our children are thoroughly blessed with people who care for them and love them with all their hearts.


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