Today N, you went to see the Army band with your grandparents. While you were gone, Z and D, we went for an “adventure walk”. It didn’t start out smoothly, as we had to walk back twice to get sunglasses for you, D, and for you to use the restroom, Z. But we finally did get a good walk in. It was hot and D your tummy hurt on the way home, but we still had a nice time together.

N, you were gone all day and into the evening. When you got home, you headed up stairs to play with your brothers, as me and daddy talked with your grandparents for a good hour or so. After they left, you and I went on one of our special walks we’ve grown to love so much.

We talked a lot, laughed a lot, and stabbed at fire ant homes a lot. It was a super fun hour long walk in the cool of the evening.


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