We’re back and rested from our weekend away. We did have a nice time together watching a movie (Indiana Jones), eating out and spending the night at the Hilton. We swam and I had a reason to wear my new brown dress. I can feel that I was recharged from the short time away from the kids.

But, if I’m being honest I have to tell you that Adam and I both didn’t have as much fun as we thought we would. Maybe we are just forever changed now that we’re parents. The last time we went away together was well before we had kids. We kept comparing (in our own minds) that experience with this one … and this one didn’t even come close.

We were thinking about the kids…we were homesick… we were thinking about the dogs. In fact, my husband drove home to let them out to potty on Saturday night. I think we both realized this weekend that we are simply different people now that we’re parents and our lives will never be the same as before kids.

However, it was enjoyable to show up in a clean room — be waited on all weekend — and then simply pack up and leave. And spending time alone was nice also. We really enjoyed swimming, too.

Over all this weekend taught us a lot about ourselves. The weekend seemed to be a learning experience and the perk was relaxation. :–)

(We did have a huge beautiful rainbow show up right outside our window (on the 8th floor…that was fun being so far up) Saturday night. It looked like it ended where our kids were staying. Of course it made me think of them.)

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  1. Are you in Jersey, by any chance? We had the biggest, boldest rainbow I have ever seen this weekend! Sunday was hot and humid with this freak buckets storm. At the end of it was the most beautiful sight. Unfortunately my camera battery was dead and the rainbow had faded by the time it charged up. Too cool. Glad you had a nice weekend!! (btw, I popped over here from Paper Bridges, Monica Brand’s site. You’ve got a nice place to visit!)

    Tanya Dennis’s last blog post..May Ellie-isms & Zach Attacks

  2. You look stunning Nell! I love the brown dress! The pictures of the two of you by the pool are hilarious! You both are goof balls & you can tell you guys were having a blast. And I love the rainbow picture too…I love rainbows they are so gorgeous and I get all excited when I see one!

    Tishia Lee’s last blog post..Sweaty Palms & Racing Heart

  3. WOW, looks like it was a fun vacation even if not exactly what was expected sometimes that can be better in a different way. It’s always nice to recharge those batteries!

    Jenn’s last blog post..Waterfountain Joy

  4. There’s nothing in the world wrong with missing the kids when you’re away, especially if it’s the first time. Parenthood changes you like that.

    And I agree with everyone else, you are simply STUNNING in that dress!!! What a hottie! 😀

    Wendy’s last blog post..Happy June…Let’s Have A Giveaway!

  5. Golly ya’ll, you’re going to give me a big head. Actually, I didn’t think I looked so nice…I feel pretty ugly in this pregnancy already! LOL

  6. I’m so happy that you got to get away and re-charge! Hubby and I have been planning something soon too! Once you become parents, the biggest trick is to not forget about yourselves. You look great!!!!!

    Donna D’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  7. Hi Nell:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been by your place 🙂 It’s always a treat to have you share about your lovely family. I can so relate to your weekend away. The last time we went away alone was when my parents forced us to spend our anniversary away about 3 years ago.

    We were at a very nice Hilton. They ordered us a basket of goodies (cheese and other things) plus champagne which was nice…but we were a little bored. Like you and your husband we had things on our mind that we wanted to do at the house, plus our kids called us at least 3 times about funny goofy things.

    One thing we did do that was out of the ordinary and fun was go to the Jazz bar in the Hotel and have martinis. I had my first apple martini that night – yum!

    By the way I love your brown dress!

    Sharon’s last blog post..What Is So Special About Where You Live?

  8. when you posted about your trip before I assumed you guys had done this w/out the kids before…
    OH yeah! Such a different experience when your a mommy I guess. 🙂 I’ve spent the whole day away from my lil guy, but no over nights yet. I’m sure he’d be just fine, but I’m not so sure it’d be as relaxing for me.

    LOVE the dress BTW! Glad you and hubby got some alone time before you have a new little one!

    mama k’s last blog post..Linky Love

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