An Evening Walk

One of my favorite parts of motherhood is our evening walks together to the ponds in our neighborhood. It may sound silly but there’s something so sweet and sacred about our time together out in nature, moving our bones, and talking.

It’s one of my favorite memories of being a kid. My mom would take me and my brother on walks often. I hope my boys enjoy walks with their own children one day.

A Morning in the Life

Maple biscuit company

This is a little “morning in the life of” post, instead of day in the life of, as all the excitement happened in the morning. It’s now 2pm and we’re all settled in for the day, far away from the extremely hot outside, and errands, back to playing, and relaxing.

So we started the day off taking my in-laws to the Maple Biscuit Company for breakfast for my mother-in-laws birthday. It was new to us, and a fun little joint. It was a nice visit and great food. Can’t beat that.

My oldest sons phone died on him, so we took him to the phone store, and swapped it out for another older iPhone of ours. Luckily we had another one to use. While Adam and Nick did that, Zane, Dash, and I went to the pet store nearby. But not before a picture in front of the massive Aloe plant!

The boys love going to the pet store and looking at all the pets available for purchase and adoption. They especially were taken by all the sweet guinea pigs. Adam doesn’t want anymore pets or I would have for sure bought one or two for them. We’ve not had a pig in over a year now and we miss them. All of us except daddy. Party pooper. ha!

I love their heart for animals. They’re such gentle, loving boys – especially when it comes to the animal kingdom. Boys after my own heart. I’ve always been an animal lover. Glad I passed that along to them.

After the pet store and the phone store we made our way back up near our neighborhood for haircuts, the chiropractor, and groceries. All the boys, including Adam, got haircuts. It took a good hour to get everyone done. Adam got his back popped but I ended up passing this time as the chiropractor only had machines this time as her hand was hurt and she couldn’t manually manipulate your back and neck. I hate machines, so even though I needed it, I decided I’d get it another day.

By the time we got to the store we were pretty spent, plus, the 100 degree heat had zapped the energy out of us but we still managed to be nice to one another, be patient, and get through the store fast.

It was quite the productive morning. And pretty enjoyable, too, which is always a plus. ha!

And just look at my beautiful family! I don’t know how I was lucky enough to have such a wonderful family of men, but I’m so grateful for them.

Checking In

Adam’s been cancer-free for awhile now. Well, technically he isn’t declared cancer-free until after 5 years, and then I think they call it remission. But, whatever the technical word, he’s not had active cancer in his body for well over a year now, and it’s been two years since he was diagnosed and started radiation treatment.

Every 6 months or so he has to have tests done to make sure the cancer isn’t coming back. This time, he only needed an x-ray instead of the scan. Dash and I went with him to the imaging place in Frisco. We got there early, plenty of time for silly pictures, adventuring around the place, and saving a rolly polly from the inside of the building, letting it free outside.

After the x-ray was over, we let Dash choose where to have lunch. He quickly decided on IHOP, one of his favorites. He always gets the silver five when eating there. It isn’t one of me and Adam’s favorite places to eat but it’s been so long, and Dash loves it, so we decided to treat him.

I got a turkey sandwich and Adam got a hot ham and cheese. And like I said earlier, Dash got the silver five. After lunch, we stopped by Kroger for groceries.

Later that day it rained, Dash and Zane laid in front of the door and watched the rain pour down. It was so cute!

We won’t know for a couple of weeks if Adam’s x-ray showed anything suspicious. I’m believing he’s still cancer-free.

The 4th, 2019

July 4th, 2019

We used to have people over on the 4th when we lived in Missouri because we lived in the outskirts of the city and were able to do the fireworks real nice. Now that we live in the suburbs we aren’t allowed to shoot anything off ourselves, but our community does do a big fireworks display the weekend before the 4th each year. So that’s nice.

Instead of doing a big thing for the 4th, my husband took the boys to Spider-man and afterward we had burgers and fries at my in-laws house. That evening, I took the two youngest boys for a walk in the neighborhood.

Still close to 100 degrees it was hot but bearable with the sun going down. We enjoyed our time together, taking pictures, looking for frogs, swinging, talking, and watching far-off fireworks.

I treasure our walks together. It’s my favorite way to spend time with my boys, especially in the spring and summer during the warm evening months. I get to watch them together, and enjoy each of their personalities in their own special ways, and interact with them, too.

As much as I missing having family over on the 4th back in Platte City, and the cookout, and fireworks, and my boys being little and mesmerized by the lights in the sky, I am living in these moments and memories, and finding the magical in these days, too.

Flashback to a 4th, coming home from my in-laws back in Missouri when we drove under this bridge on i-29, watching proud Americans hold the flag. Such a special memory.

My Hope

Without Jesus, where would my hope be? Certainly not in this world. Jesus is my hope. He keeps my perspective clear, He is my future and my present, He is my guide and most of all, He is my undying companion walking through this often bumpy life. I’m so thankful I know Him as more than just God but also as my friend, my rock, my salvation.