I’m Happy.

I’m happy. Truly, happy. Texas and this season in my life have brought a certain level of joy and contentment. I’m settled. And so happy. Experiences with my family right now, like, walks to the ponds, kicking the ball around at the soccer park, throwing the kids around in the big pool, spending time with Adam out to lunches bring such joy to my heart. Is life perfect? Who has a perfect life? You know my health struggles, my son’s, too. But here’s the thing, life is what you make of it. It’s perspective. It’s what you choose to do with it. I choose to see the good. Some might think I’m fake online, only showing the good. Honestly, truly, this is me. I’m just really happy and content and loved. I wish my body was the picture of health, I wish Dash didn’t deal with pain and headaches. And I do share that part of my life from time-to-time but my goodness the love and happy outshines the negative every. single. day.

The Beauty of Texas.

Texas. We’ve been Texans now for nearly five years. Five! I always knew time flew but it’s even more apparent to us now that we’ve moved here and had something big to judge it by. No longer Missourians, or Midwesterners, now Texans – Southerners.  I guess if truth be told, we don’t really feel 100% Texans quite yet. We’re still in that weird limbo state. And that is okay. Texas is our home. And, unless all three of our kids split when they become adults, it’ll be where we live forever.

Just look at what we get to see spring, summer, and even into early fall! It’s reason enough to love the south.

I don’t really miss Missouri anymore. Just aspects of it, like the beautiful state parks, the lack of traffic (Texas is loaded with traffic), and of course, my family. But Texas is beginning to feel more and more like home to me. The memories we’re making here, the beauty, the weather, the love here – it’s all making Texas our home. And I know that one day, soon enough, we’ll feel like Texans. Even if we don’t, that’s okay, too – because, in the end, Heaven’s our home, my family is my home, where I have Jesus and my sweet crew, I am home.

An Update of Sorts

Most of you know I have Lyme disease. It’s been an 11-year journey, some days, into the pits of hell. But what many of you don’t yet know is the GI issues I’ve been dealing with for a few years now on top of it. Some pretty significant symptoms, like almost daily nausea, bloating, some pain here and there, and even throwing up.

It seems to be diet related so my doctor is doing blood work to see what foods I’m sensitive to. I also suspect a possible ulcer, which I’ll see a local doctor for if my symptoms don’t go away with, what I assume to be, a drastic change in my diet once these blood test results come back. I’m highly suspicious of gluten and possibly dairy.

In addition to the GI upset, my fatigue has gotten worse, migraines have gotten worse, even pain and weak muscles. My body is a bit of a mystery, one that takes time to untangle.

I’m looking forward to the food sensitivity test as that will give me definitive answers as to what I shouldn’t be eating. Sure, I could just cut gluten and dairy out of my diet and see what happens, but I tend to prefer more concrete answers than let’s just guess and see what happens.

I’m already checking out gluten and dairy free cookbooks and blogs. I’m also looking into an instapot. Confession time. I hate cooking. I’ve never liked it. I do it, of course. But, it isn’t my cup of tea. All the work, the planning, the prepping, and it’s done in 15 minutes. You’re left with a huge mess. We eat more like typical Americans, with simple and quick dishes that don’t require a lot of forethought and prep-work. I know that is going to have to change, most likely.

Even if, by some miracle, I have no food allergies – if this is an ulcer, there is an ulcer diet that you should follow to keep flare ups down, too. I just think there’s no getting around it. My diet is going to have to change. I will ease my family into some of the changes and of course not everything they’ll have to change.

I’m looking forward to the changes though, even with my aversion to spending a lot of time in the kitchen or just learning a whole new way of eating. After 11 years of a disease I have NO control over, no power over, it’s empowering to think I might have some control over my GI issues by way of diet. I’ll be updating my blog with the results and hope to share my journey to eating healthier, and likely, stricter food.

My First Amigurumi

I love Amigurumi so much! I never thought I’d like making crocheted animals and cute thing as much as I do. But I do. I really, really do.

There are so many adorable patterns available to crochet. And I’ve purchased my fair share of them in the past month. But, as fun as making something from a pattern is, I also dreamed of making my own animal from my imagination only.

Today, I jumped in with both feet and gave it a whirl. And I have to say, I really kinda like the end result. It’s a tiny little interesting looking bear. I plan to do another one with bunny ears, cat ears, different colors etc. I also need to tweak the pattern, which, by the way, I didn’t even write down – so I need to do another one quick before I forget how I did it. ha! That is how I roll.

I gave the little guy a bow-tie but I could have as easily made a bow for its head and turned it into a girl bear. I want to play with felt accents, maybe crocheted appliques and so on.

I am so lucky to have the time available in my life to play with yarn! I can’t imagine a day where I’m not crocheting or hand embroidering. I’m very blessed that I get to work from home and craft daily.

In a follow-up blog post, I’m going to share my favorite Amigurumi patterns that I’ve purchased, and/or found online and my favorite patterns for absolute beginners to Amigurumi. So be on the lookout for that, too!

Happy hooking!

The Violet Washcloth

I love a handmade cotton washcloth. Who doesn’t? They’re soft yet enough friction to clean your face. And, the design possibilities are endless with crochet. You can make them look really interesting!

This is a super simple crochet stitch (the wattle stitch) and it whips up nice and fast. Perfect for a beginner or someone who just wants a quick project. I banged out three Violet Washcloths in one evening.

What I used:

  • I Love This Cotton Yarn by Hobby Lobby in Warm Blush, Dove, and Taupe – this is currently my most favorite cotton yarn.
  • 5mm hook
  • Row counter or tape measure
  • Tapestry Needle to weave in the ends

Skill Level:

Beginner familiar chaining, single and double crochet and crocheting in the chain one space. Are you a visual person? Just head to YouTube and type in Wattle Crochet Stitch, I know there are good videos there, including one by my crochet friend, Jessica, of Mama in a Stitch.

Pattern Speak:

Ch – chain

Sk – skip

SC – single crochet

CH1 – chain one

DC – double crochet


The Violet Washcloth is 6×8 but you can easily adjust the sizing by crocheting your chain in a multiple of 3’s. So for example, in this pattern, the starting chain is 37 but you could easily make your chain 43 stitches if you’d like. The Violet Washcloth is 27 rows but again you can add more rows to increase the sizing of the washcloth.

Written Pattern:

Chain 37

Row 1:

Sk 2 ch, sc in 3rd chain from hook, ch1, dc.  sk 2 ch, sc in 3rd chain from hook, ch1, dc and repeat until you have one chain left, sc in that ch. Ch1 and turn your work.

Row 2: 

Sk first two ch, crochet *1sc, ch1, dc in the ch space. Repeat * (1sc, ch1, dc in the ch space) across the row until you reach the turning ch, sc in turning ch. Ch1 and turn your work.

Repeat row 2 until your desired length or until you reach 27 rows/6 inches long

If you whip up this Violet Washcloth I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram with #pribblescrochet or shoot me an email! I’d love to have a look.

What is your favorite crochet stitch of the moment? I’m always looking for new stitches!