Spent the day at the park with the boys Saturday. Surprising them with a trip to Dairy Queen and bike riding later. It was a good day. I didn’t feel good but I made the best of my day and, really, making my kids happy is all that really matters. And boy were they happy! Running, and playing, hiding and jumping, swinging and pretending, gobbling down ice cream. It was a delight to watch them!










I couldn’t be more happy that we’re moving to Texas this year. The biggest reason, the weather! Yes it gets hot in Texas. Yes its humid where we are going. I’m plenty used to the hot humid weather, we get a lot of that in Missouri too. The hot weather is perfection for swimming and the lake! Which we totes love. I’m so tired of the cold weather here in Missouri and yes Texas gets some cold days but nothing like what we’ve been experiencing here. It’s crazy cold and no sign of changes anytime soon. Boo, hiss.

Texas baby here we come!

(Don’t get me wrong, I will miss plenty of things about Missouri, namely my family, and the fact that I’ve never known anything else, but the fun adventure awaiting us will be worth it.)


(Snazzy duds, eh?)

So I was diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal fatigue. This is no surprise to me. My doctors all assumed I had problems with my adrenal glands and had been somewhat treating them. I say somewhat because they didn’t have a really good solid plan in place like my current doctor now does. Many people with Lyme disease have adrenal problems, and given my symptoms, including my darkened skin around my knuckles, knees, elbows etc, it was pretty much a no brainer. However, I didn’t have an official diagnosis, or a solid treatment plan in place prior to my new doctor. He tested my saliva throughout the day. The results were a little alarming at first. My levels are very low. But once I got over the initial shock of it, I was actually happy to hear this news. It confirmed what I believed all along, that my adrenal glands, next to the infection itself, were the most important aspect of me healing. My doctor has a solid treatment plan in place and is very realistic about how long it’ll take to bring them back to life. I am hopeful I’ll actually begin regaining some energy, and LIFE, soon but I also know it could be months before I feel a difference.

I am hoping the stage 3 adrenal fatigue is why I keep losing so much hair. This is the most recent picture. You can see how thin it is, and how it’s actually see-through in the back now. It’s very frustrating to continue pulling clumps of hair out with each washing and strands throughout the day. To see this hair loss is a constant reminder that I am sick.


Last Friday was my last day at BabyCenter. I’ve worked there since 2010, so it was bittersweet to leave. But I knew it was the right decision. I wanted more time with my children, more time to take care of my home, and more time to nurture my body through the healing process. Not to mention we’re moving to Texas this year! That is a huge deal and I really don’t know how I would have been able to keep up my good job performance had I been working full time during this time of relocating and moving our family, and entire lives, down to Texas.

It felt funny not to show up to work on Monday. It also felt really good not to have to work a crazy Monday again. You know how Monday’s are. My husband is off on Monday’s and Thursday’s, now I can be “off” those days with him too. It’s really such a win-win situation. I know it likely won’t last forever. But for this year, its a huge blessing to be able to just be a stay at home mom and wife. And when I say just, I don’t really mean just. It’s a lot more work to be a full time mommy and house keeper and wife than it is to work a job. Just sayin’.


(Me and Sarah, a previous co-worker at BabyCenter.)

God is good and I’m really happy with how our lives are going. He’s greatly blessed us with a wonderful job for my husband. He’s also blessed us with a beautiful little family, extended family who love us dearly, a fun new adventure to Texas, and so much more. This year is going to be the start of amazing goodness, happiness, and joy – even more than we already have!

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