Ever sometimes feel like you’re simply a poser? Like someone who can ‘fit in‘, but who never really fits in? Maybe someone who the ‘in crowd’ thinks is clever, quirky, and funny, but not really one of “them”?

Yeah, that’s me. And always has been. Yes, I’ve had many a friend, and run in some of the “popular” circles. I’ve also had friendships with people like me, and others somewhere in the middle.

To me it’s never mattered who you are, what you do, what you look like, how witty your writing is, how adorable your children are, or who your friends are.

If we click, then we click. Period.

I’m a bit odd, I must admit. Not in a creepy way, but just in that not-so-sure-how-to-label-her way. Which, I admit, is sometimes really cool and sometimes not.

But where I always “fit in”, where I always feel loved, and accepted and part of the crowd is when I’m buried beneath the kisses and hugs of my boys and husband.

And that really is the best place to fit in.

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  1. After just having had the best family dinner around the table that I’ve had in my whole life, with my sons and husband all around and eating and giggling and crying happy tears, all I can say is, ditto. Ditto my friend!

  2. Oh Nell I know just what you mean. You just keep doing your Nell thing and I’ll just keep doing my Erin thing. I think people really appreciate having us weirdos with all of our quirks around. Our families most of all. 🙂

    Erin –It’s Your Movie–s last blog post..You Capture: Feel

  3. I totally know that feeling of not just fitting. All through school I did not have one group. I just kind of hand my own thing. Fitting in has never been important to me. Either you like me or you don’t like me. Either you put up with me or you don’t. LOL!

    Tricias last blog post..Menu Planning ~ While Getting Fit

  4. Oh I had to laugh when I read your post-the “I’m a bit odd but not in a creepy way” is pretty much me, too. I think we would have had fun hanging out in high school since it sounds like both of us were those awkward “which foot goes into mouth first” types..lol! And I would agree, there is no better place to fit in than with you kids and hubby 🙂

    Miche@CoordinatedChaoss last blog post..Happy Birthday To Me

  5. I totally related to this post.

    I’ve always been able to fit in in a million different circles. In high school, I was Homecoming Queen and Student Body President, but I wasn’t exactly in the “popular crowd” either. It’s hard to describe, but I think you understand…

    P.S. I just have to say. Your teeth are SO white in your new profile picture. What’s your secret? 😉

    Stephanies last blog post..2 Books on My Nightstand

  6. That is the story of my life. I’ve always been friends with everyone as long as they were nice, but always felt like I had to try so hard sometimes to fit in with the “in” crowd. I have a need to be liked…if someone doesn’t like me, it really affects my self confidence.

    But, having a family does make you feel special, doesn’t it? When my son is sick, or tired, or hurt, he wants me first. At least I’m part of his “in” crowd. Until he turns 13, of course!

    Erin Hills last blog post..Father’s Day Link Love

  7. Oh how I get this. My ENTIRE LIFE has been this way and you know what? I don’t mind so much now. I’ve finally reached a place where I’m truly happy with myself. My husband and children are my world and everything else is gravy :).

    Nadias last blog post..How do you decide who to marry?

  8. OMG. I had this exact conversation with someone today and the day before. I don’t fit into the neat little boxes either and it makes me a little sad and lonely sometimes.

    This part: “But where I always “fit in”, where I always feel loved, and accepted and part of the crowd is when I’m buried beneath the kisses and hugs of my boys and husband.”

    I got the kids part but the husband part would be nice!

    Carries last blog post..present

  9. I’ve never felt like I fit in either despite many attempts. When I try I feel somewhat of a fake.

    Like Stephanie said above, in HS I was on prom court, homecoming as well as homecoming in college plus I was the president of our college psych club chapter.

    However, sometimes I feel lonely because no matter how many people I meet I just feel like I’m different. Odd, too, like you said. I talk with my husband about this all the time. The husband and I are TOTAL opposites when it comes to friends. He is friends with everyone and would talk to strangers for hours.

    I wouldn’t mind a few close women friends who really truly “get” me. 😉

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