Day two of being Internet free in the evenings was much harder. I experienced anxiety and a literal physical reaction to wanting to get online sooooooo bad.

Instead, we did homework, drank green smoothies, took a long walk in the snow, played games together, and enjoyed each others company.

This sure isn’t easy. I’m trusting God is refining me through this “fire”. It’s not that spending time with my family is hard, that is the fun and easy part. It’s mostly when they are in bed, when I want jump online. But I promised God I would keep evenings free from the Internet, so I’m trying hard to keep that promise.

I’m sure it’ll get easier and easier as time goes on. Either that or I’ll dump the whole idea and get online when the kids go to bed. You know, those dashed resolutions we all make and don’t keep. Just keeping it real. I’m trying hard though.








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