My best buddies

So much for sleeping in. The kids have this crazy way of not being tired at 7am on the weekends but being dog tired during the week at 7am. Funny how that works. After breakfast, showers, getting dressed, and teeth brushing, we loaded into the van for a day of running errands. Our first stop, the eye doctor to pick up Zane’s nifty new glasses.


He looks so handsome and grown up in them, don’t you think? Glasses suit him well. I love this kid, he makes me so happy inside my heart. I love his inquisitive mind and silly personality.

After picking up his glasses we drove to Petsmart to pick up some things for the bunny. While there, they were doing an adotpathon for pupper dogs. One of them was being adopted. I told the woman she picked a cute one, and as we were conversing, he peed on my dress. I couldn’t stop laughing. I have had dogs pretty much all of my life. I am used to their funny ways. She was quite embarrassed. Ah well, stuff happens.


Because Dash has not had any accidents at night and has been using the bathroom really well I decided to buy him a toy. And of course, the way I roll, the other two got to choose a toy also. So we went to Target, which was right down the road from the other stores we’d been at this morning. Dash chose a little phone and fire truck. Zane and Nick chose Minecraft toys – dontchaknowit. They are happily playing together in the living room as I write this. I’m so happy they are using their imagination and not playing video games.


We swung by Applebee’s on the way home, splitting a couple appetizers, and playing with our new toys. The boys were very well behaved. In fact, all day they were pretty well behaved. It can sometimes be quite the experience taking three kids out by yourself, at least my three kids, but they were respectful, quiet, and didn’t bug each other too awful much.


We’re headed to church in a few minutes. I really like that my new church has Saturday afternoon services. It’s much easier for us to do and, hey, we don’t have to get up super early in the morning, like a Sunday service. The kids asked me a lot of questions about Jesus and God as we rode through Frisco and Little Elm Texas today. I appreciate their honest questions and their curious minds. Already searching for the truth, at such a young age. I also found out earlier in the week that Zane accepted Jesus in his heart at church last week. It was his choice and he made it and heaven rejoiced!

I know I say it a lot, but I sure am happy, and sure am blessed!

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