I was nervous about how my body would do with our trip to Texas. The last long road trip we went on, which was only 3 hours, ended with me in the hotel bed, with a migraine so bad I nearly threw up. That whole evening was ruined. The next day was a little better but still not great. And this was only a year ago this July. Have I really been healed enough in a years time to have a significant difference in my health? Apparently, yes.

10499217_254365014755289_808318960_nI didn’t have a migraine at all. The sun bothers my eyes and can trigger a migraine for me. It was nice and overcast through the trip down, and when the sun did pop out from time to time, my sunglasses were enough to keep the migraines at bay. Even as close as five months ago, while driving to see my ND an hour away, I became so fatigued I could hardly sit up, and felt like I was going to get sick in his office. Amazingly, nine hours of driving one way, plus all the driving once we entered the Dallas area, every day for three days, I never once got fatigued so bad that my body was dictating what I could and could not do. I fell asleep early and the last day was harder than the first two. But man, what a difference in just five months!

10507981_315476498618938_1820956761_nSwitching from an MD to an ND was the best thing I could have done for me and my son. I’m still sick and so is he. We both are still suffering and struggling in some areas but we’ve also seen great improvement in our health just in the few months we’ve been treated naturally with herbs and supplements. I really encourage my Lyme disease fighting friends, if you’ve been treated with antibiotics for a period of time, and aren’t experiencing enough healing to change your life, please consider going natural. Herbs are strong – don’t think you’ll lose progress by going off antibiotics. I was concerned in the beginning that they wouldn’t be strong enough, I was so wrong. They are very strong! But somehow easier on my body and seem to be making more progress than antibiotics ever did for me. Antibiotics aren’t the only option to treating Lyme disease, and co-infections. They are good for many people, but if you’ve stalled out in your treatment, or its just too strong for you to handle, natural treatment just might be you.

Make no bones about it, I’m sick. My muscles are weak. I convulse, I have migraines, my brain is under constant attack – I could go on – but I’m also seeing progress in my energy levels – and boy oh boy is that something to sing praises about! I’m much more encouraged about my progress since this trip to Texas. And, I’m now up from one drop of herbs a day – seriously, they are so strong – to now taking 10 drops a day. The best thing I ever did was go natural!

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