Run To Me.

There’s a bunch of us standing around in the heat of Texas waiting for our littles to be released from school. I feel so out of place there. I mostly people watch while playing on my phone. I notice all of the clicks but don’t look down on them, really, because, sadly, clicks are very common in groups of people.


I’m reminded of how uncomfortable I am in large groups of people I don’t know. And how crazy shy I am, also a total loner. Not ashamed to say that. Don’t get me wrong, I smile at people, I make a comment in passing about their cute kids, but when we all stand around waiting, I’m silent, just watching, and waiting for my people to come to me.

This afternoon I spied Dash from a mile away. He’s the cutest one, of course. Seriously though, I could find his face in a crowd full of littles any day. When he noticed me noticing him he exclaimed, MOMMY, and ran fast and hard, and right into my waiting arms, and we twisted around and around. I kissed all over his face while we twirled and hugged and he told me how good of a day he had.


We held hands as we picked up Zane and Nick and small talked as we walked back to our home. It’s a long walk in the heat. It’s really not that far but with the 100 degree Texas heat, it sure feels like it. His little sweaty-sticky hand inside mine the whole way home. In bed, we read his favorite book about Biscuit the dog. In the book, Biscuit the dog didn’t want to go to bed. He was stalling with all his requests, like snacks and stories, hugs and kisses. Every time Biscuit asked for a kiss and hug Dash giggled and requested the same from me. We hugged and kissed for what seemed like a thousand times. I am blessed.

(Update: he crawled into bed with me, with all of his brightly colored bears, and blue blanket. He’s sleeping peacefully next to me. Ah, this is the life.)

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